Monthly Archives: June 2014

new camera

I have bought a new camera its an Olympus PL-5 it is a four thirds mirrorless compact system camera. it came with two lenses 14-42mm and 40 -150 mm

The pictures are good, the menu system not so much.

The video is nice and sharp and the sound clear, if i can work out how to put the video on the blog will.

The set up is as it came out of the box the colours are slightly off but not too bad

we won’t look at the weeds in this photo.

this is to show how sharp the photo is, it was taken at about 6 fit with the 40 -150 lens

here are some pictures taken in doors



Over all I think it is a nice camera not too heavy and small enough to put in my handbag, I will admit I prefer the zoom lens I have on my canon 450 but it is just too big, and does get in the way. I’ll try and do some comparison shots once my new sd card arrives, at the moment i’m using the one out of the canon, but I have a new wi-fi enabled card ordered, so I should be able check that out as well.