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Butterick 7781 part 1

It is surprising what experience will do for you. One of the first patterns I bought was this one Butterick 7781, the first time I made it was a disaster, the test fabric which was a seersucker probably didn’t help, it was exactly my measurements so I did no alterations, this was the result.

At this point I screwed it up in a ball and left it in a drawer.

Fast forward 30 months and i decided to have a second attempt, I made a couple of changes one of which was to shorten the bodice 1 inch and the skirt 2 inches as per my proportional dress pattern. What I didn’t do was a 1/2 in small bust adjustment, I still haven’t worked out how to do this satisfactorily for a full length front piece.

This is what the new version looks like so far.

Because of the inch I took out of the bodice, it isn’t as baggy as the first version which just hung off me, It was still too big across the front so I also removed half an inch from the front seam, tapering down to nothing at the waist line.

If we get any sun while I’m not at work, I’ll try and take some pictures outside, I also have two more dresses basically finished, one you have already finished and one other.

Bye for now

Cheyenne Tunic ….. Update

I’ve decided on the buttons, first of all I found some buttons in my stash, then I realised that they would be far too big and bulky for the sleeve tabs. So then I went to my trusty eBay and was looking at some of the wooden buttons, I couldn’t decide then I thought mother of pearl – or what ever the fake equivalent is these days.

They arrived just as I was about to start the Dress For Liz so I put off stitching them on, but they are on now – what do you think?

Dress for Liz the final part

Sorry it has taken so long to post, totally my fault, I took the photos on my ‘proper’ camera and forgot to change the iso speed for indoors which meant that most of my final shots came out a bit blurry.

I swapped out the invisible zip for a lapped zip, which toook me three attempts to get it in correctly and that was only after hand basteing it in first, (which of course I should have done first time)

Liz tried the dress on with her underskirt which was showing under the hem, it turned out that she had pulled it up higher when I measured the hem.

The full outfit, this photo provided by Rebecca Ray.