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Walkaway dress

The walkaway dress is finished as far as I am going with it, I know I need to take about half and inch out of the bodice.

The first pictures were taken before I took the half inch out of the bodice.


The next show that maybe the dress wasn’t made for twirling

You can also see that my dress is having some interfacing problems, the only parts on the pattern that are interfaced was the neckline, looking at my prototype I also need to interface the front where the buttonholes go.

The only thing different on the second pictures is that I have taken half an inch out of the bodice, this should stop the wrinkling accords the back and help the front piece stay in place.


For strictly come dancing fans I like call this one my paso pose.


Obviously the bottom button is now in the wrong place but once that is is moved the top of the dress should lay flatter.

Vintage Patterns

Even though I have tried very hard not to buy any more vintage patterns this weekend I have failed miserably I have bought 6, 3 from ebay and 3 from etsy I am going to have to stay off both of these websites the rest of the month.
From ebay I have Butterick 6472, 2535 and 5376



From etsy I have Butterick 5636, 8039 and 8096




I’ve come to the conclusion I really like Butterick patterns.

I’m really excited about the Walkaway dress 6472, I like the idea of a walkaway dress, I wasn’t all that keen on the pattern reissue especially as there have been a lot of comments on how hard it is to fit but I also wasn’t sure about the neckline and all that binding. Out of the pictures I prefer the Saturday Morning dress have a look at Gertie’s blog post on it I have a lot more luck with the original vintage patterns on fitting than I do with the modern reissue patterns. So watch this space.