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blouse Style 349

I have cut out this blouse version B, I’m even going to go with the long sleeves, I figure if I don’t like them I can cut them down to short sleeves.


In this fabric


I have read the instructions several times, and am still not entirely sure what I’m supposed to do with the pleats but after pinning the pleats in place and checking the drawing on the front I think I have it.

I’m not sure about this shirt, I if you look closely at this picture you can see next to each pleat you can see the stitching.

I have a problem with this fabric a) it is practically see through b) it has what I can only describe as a ladder right up the middle of it.

I’m going to have to finish it just to see how the sleeves look but I don’t think that I’ll ever wear it outside.

New Blouse Patterns

Recently I decided I need some more blouses to go with my skirts, so I have bought a couple more new patterns

Butterick 6045
I’ve already tried this one out and I’m not impressed

Butterick 6223

Style 349
I do like Pintucks but I’m not sure about the tiny pointy collar on A, but the ‘Rosebud Transfer’ is still in the packet

and Vogue 8329

so watch this space for more sewing

Craftsy Pattern Making Basics :the bodice Sloper

The last couple of dresses I have made have hung rather badly on my top half, and I’m fed up with it. It seems that, if there are clever drapey pleaty things going on I don’t have enough boobige to fill them out, which means that skirt lovely, top like a sack. one of the patterns is this

if anyone was wondering what happened to it I finished it, it didn’t fit I threw it in a corner. I have actually made it fit, sort of by taking an inch out of each side. that was just guess work and I’m not sure how much damage that has done to the arm sync.

Lets get back on track, I thought I’d sign up for a pattern making class, at least I’d have an idea where I was going wrong, I tried doing a small bust adjustment I think I went wrong some where as the pattern was practically the same size as when I started off.

so far I have taken the measurements and done more math than I have probably done since school

now I am half way through the transferring the measurements to paper, the hiding fairy has hidden my 2in by 18in ruler that I bought especially for the job, but while she was doing that she obviously took her eye off the ball and everything else turned up. 🙂

day out in london

I’ve had this week booked off since the beginning of the year and even though Simons wrist operation had put a stop to our original plans (New York) for this week I decided that I would leave Simon to fend for himself and go to Lond on for the day with my Mum.

The first thought I would go to Petticoat Lane, I read up on it I knew that really I needed to up on a Sunday but the day I wanted to go was Tuesday there should be a smaller market on Wentworth Street.

we got into Fenchurch Street about 11 o’clock and using the maps app on my phone managed to find Wentworth Street we couldn’t find the market, but the other things I wanted to do was visit some fabric shops and some vintage dress shops.

I bought some fabric in Epra Fabrics
and a Dress in absolute Vintage.


as you can maybe see the dress is totally see through, I’ve already bought some brown lining fabric for it.

then we decided to go and look at St. Pauls cathedral, as it was £16 to get in we just looked around the outside.


an arty shot from right next to the Cathedral, we also saw a few of these benches around London we spotted two at St Pauls and one at the Tower

Back to Tower Hill and we went and saw the poppies commemorating the First World War they look amazing.


All in all it was a good day out and we enjoyed our selves.