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Tuesday, Discovery Cove

Tuesday was another early start, not as early as the aborted Harry Potter morning but still early enough, check in started at 7:15  we arrived about 7:45 had our photo taken and given our tickets. Our slot with the Dolphins was 9:30.

We went and got fitted for our vests, I borrowed a prescription Scuba mask, then we had breakfast.

Luckily our Dolphin swim was quite early, so after a quick safety review we went out in our groups to meet our Dolphins we saw Sindy, Finn and Lester. Sindy and Lester were both very old Dolphins at 50+ and Finn was a youngster at 2.

These Dolphin pictures were all taken later in the day


We got to stroke a dolphin as it swam in front of us, watched it to a few tricks, be photographed with it, then we were towed back to shore and had a dolphin kiss, the trainer gave us lots of information on dolphins and the time went quite quickly, I would highly recommend the experience.

After playing with the dolphins we went for a swim in the shallow pool and attempted to do some snorkling, we both decided that it wasn’t for us.

They had an aviary with loads of very tame birds that would come and sit on your arm if you fed them.




 After the aviary we saw otters

 then we saw the fish



During all the walking about we stopped to have lunch, which like breakfast was included in the price of the day.

The day was very tiring there was a lot to see, obviously the highlight was the Dolphin swim.