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Simplicity 8833 pt 2


hi, this should have been posted Sunday but had camera malfunction, i forgot to charge the spare battery oops.

I was so impressed with this, that I actually finished it, no, I hear you say that never happens 🙂

apart from adding the sleeves, I also added a couple of long fisheye darts to give the front a bit of shape, it totally changed the look of the dress from ‘meh sack’ to ‘ooh not quite sack’.

Here are some pictures of me wearing it, another rare sight…..


When I make it again, I think I will remove an inch from the back and front, I might have to add some of that back at the hips, but it is definitely too big across the top half.

Looking at these pictures I might need to increase the back waist shaping as well, the arm sync also needs raising, I run the risk of cutting myself in half with the shorts every time I lift my arms.

More soon

Fares no 4 UFO no.2

I’ve finally finished my fourth pair of Birkin Flares, I cut this pair our the same time as the last pair which were finished and taken on holiday with me back in May.

There were no surprises in the making of theses, however there was a surprise when I put them on.

Considering they were cut out the same time as the last pair from the same fabric, they feel completely different. I’m not sure why, they feel softer and some what roomier.

I decided to go with the red top-stitching which I think looks really good, on this pair I decided to decorate the pocket which I have decided that I prefer.

As the previous pair seems to have shrunk some what, I decide to put a teeny tiny hem on them, I do like my trousers to practically drag along the floor. At the moment they are doing fine but I’m not sure how long they will stay long so the next pair that I make will probably be cut longer still.

Bye for now…..

Simplicity 8833

Hi, I didn’t mean to have a month off blogging, it just happened, to tell the truth i haven’t done anything much since the last post, but here is a brand new stitch, this is in the muslin phase and not what I was expecting when I made it.


Simplicity 8833 is classed as a mini-pant dress, I suppose what it is, is a playsuit with two skirt flaps, I managed to get hold of a pattern in my size, I shortened the top by and inch and the skirt/short pieces by an inch, I think I should have shortened the top by another 1/2 inch.

The top half of the dress would be good just as a simple summer top to wear with jeans or shorts.


The major issue I have with this dress is the ease in the top half and the fact you have to take it off to go to the toilet, also these ‘minis’ never turn out as short as they look on the packet, even allowing for at the fact I’m just over 5 ft 2 inches.

This pattern goes together very easily, you stitch the top together, then you stitch the front shorts together and attach them to the front skirt flap and do the same with the back, attach the front to the back then sew the whole thing to the top.


As this is just a test run I haven’t done all the finishing off or attaching the sleeves.

I love the idea of this ‘dress’ I can have it short without the risk of showing everyone my knickers, but the practicalities might just outweigh that peace of mind.

This is the first time I’ve used the trouser part of my dress makers dummy, it is quite a faff because the support post goes up inside one of the leg parts, you have to straighten the stand, feed it through the leg hole on the garment, then put the stand back into the outwards/support position.

sorry for the state of the photos, but I was worried if I took the time to tidy up and get my camera sorted out I might lose the posting momentum…..