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McCalls sewing

Hi, this week my friend handed me a sewing book, McCalls Sewing in colour copyrighted 1963, it is quite a large book, it also gives you a lot of handy hints and tips.

Considering that it is 50 odd years old, it isn’t in that bad condition, apart from the cover the pages are very good with very little foxing. 

It starts off with handy suggestions on making you look taller and or thinner.


And obviously there is the tips for outfit as you what you are planning to do.


It then goes on to explain how to make some alterations like slopping shoulders and wide hips

As well as all these hints it tells you how to make several collars.

There are also the how to darn a hole and buttons holes by hand


This book is quite interesting, and covers quite a lot of information, I feel that it would be very helpful on making some of my 1960 patterns.

Denim Skirt -Simplicity 7995 (sort of)

After cutting out two pairs of birkin flares, I had just enough fabric left to cut out a denim skirt, I knew I wanted one with buttons up the front, but I also knew I had this pattern Edit(Simplicity 7995) a size smaller thatn I usually wear, but it was stretch fabic that should work fine.

I have already made view 3 so knew that the skirt came up ridiculously long on me, so I started off by shortening it by 7 inches which should get it just above my knee, similar to the picture on the pattern envelope. I picked view  1 because I wanted the top stitching, but as you can see the front panel is cut on the fold, which I didn’t want, I wanted buttons not a zip, so I cut it in two peices and cut two lengths of fabric for the button bands.

The skirt was pretty easy to put together, having made the Birkin flares made it easier as I had already had a lot of practice with the top-stitching and putting on the buttons,also I used the same method of attaching the waist band as that in the Flares.

There was discusion with Simon as to whether there should be top stitching on the side seams, we agreed that it would probably look better with out, I had been toying with the 6-7 inch one you get on jeans but thought it might look iffy.

Here is the finished look


Hey June – Cheyenne Tunic

Hi, I picked this pattern because of it’s similarity to a couple of Fatface Popovers I bought in the winter sale and also, while researching the Birkin flares I came across several really beautiful versions of the pattern.

I made the tunic with 3/4 sleeves, it went together quite easily and the instructions were very, very detailed, they hold your hand through the whole stitching experience.

you make the tab first


Then you make up the back, using what I assume is the Taco method for the yoke



there are a couple of nice details on it, the cuffs for instance are surprisingly easy to put together and look very professional,


the whole thing has french seams even the arm holes, the shirt is put together flat then the side seam and underarm seem is sewn last.


The one thing that I’m not sure I agree with is the hem is stitched separately on the back and front then the side seams are done


If I was to make it again there are a couple of things that I would change, the  front tab reaches my belly button definitely not sure about that, also the the tab on my Fatface shirts are thinner which I think I prefer.

I’m not sure if the fabric I used is slightly too stiff though I thought it was a light weight Lawn. the back doesn’t seem to lay properly but I think I might wash the fabric again before looking into this issue.


The reason this is not finished is because I can’t decide on the buttons, any suggestions?