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Cheyenne Tunic ….. Update

I’ve decided on the buttons, first of all I found some buttons in my stash, then I realised that they would be far too big and bulky for the sleeve tabs. So then I went to my trusty eBay and was looking at some of the wooden buttons, I couldn’t decide then I thought mother of pearl – or what ever the fake equivalent is these days.

They arrived just as I was about to start the Dress For Liz so I put off stitching them on, but they are on now – what do you think?

First finished WIP

Here is the first item of clothing from my WIP list that I have completed, it is a blouse and it is so old that I’m not sure what pattern it is. This was actually mentioned in my first UFO post.

I think it is a Blackmore blouse pattern, I have made the pattern with the side zip which is a very nice top, I do have some issues with it sliding forward but if I wear it tucked in it is fine, this is the version with the buttons up the front.

All that was left to do on it was stitch the facings down and put the buttons on. Now there are probably three reasons that have stopped me from finishing this top.

1. The hole in the sleeve facing –  I’ve just darned it 

2. I couldn’t decide what buttons to put on it – I’ve found some dark blue buttons, not sure if these were bought for this project  but they will do fine- buttons stitched on.

3. The fabric was used on Strictly Come Dancing about two years ago, it was used for the sleeves of one of the male contestants shirts, I didn’t like the look of the outfit, and it probably coloured the view I had of this blouse and the unfinished dress in the same fabric.

I’ve overcome the obstacles in front of me, it is finished, I’ve even worn it, I don’t like it. 

I don’t like the fit, and I don’t like the fact that the minor slippage I get with the side zip version is nothing to what I am getting with the buttoned up version, I’m fairly sure it will be off to the bin, but at least it is finished.