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Sunday Morning Photos

As Sunday was quite nice and sunny here I decided to let the cats and Charlie out in the garden. We have one outdoor cat, Fluffy he just moved in one day and didn’t leave, three indoor cats, Logan, Rogue and Mystique (Missy for short) we were on a bit of an X-Man thing when we named them. They are allowed out but only under supervision, we have had some poisonings in our area so Simon doesn’t want his ‘babies’ going out. It wouldn’t have been fair to stop Fluffy going out as he was about  at this point.

Anyway I took my Camera out with me to take some photos, I wouldn’t say I was a brilliant photographer but I like playing with the settings, then when I get fed up with that I just put it on auto and it handles it all its self, I would say that the photos the camera handles the settings for are good but somehow a little flat, and obviously with programs like lightroom if your settings are a little off you can always fix it in post processing.

I have a Panasonic DMC-GX7 micro four third camera, I have a few lenses for it, probably the one I use most is 14-140 it gives me the best of both worlds, I can do close up and medium distance with it. Probably the only time I take all lenses with me is when we go on holiday and even then I decide which lens will be good for the job on the day.  I used to have a canon 450d it took really good pictures but it was so heavy and big I never took it anywhere. The GX7 gives me the versatility of a DSLR but in a smaller/lighter package.

Anyway here are photos of the Cats, Charlie and the garden.

More soon….

Goals for July

Going into July the house is still in a bit of a mess, the new flooring is going in next week, hopefully after that the posting schedule will be back to normal. I do have a couple of goals for this month, I’m going to a Wedding 1st August so I want to make a new dress, I have the pattern and fabric, I know that there will be some fitting issues so that will have to be sorted first. view b.


I am looking at the bra class again and am determined to sort the fit out on this, I don’t actually  wear full cup bras but until I sort out the pattern for this I can’t go ahead to complete the other two classes I bought which take you through foam cups and altering the bra pattern for different designs.


The third goal or goals three and four are to take patterns from these two pairs of trousers. I love these trousers but I wish they had a boot cut hem, they are prepared and I am just waiting for the organza to take a ‘rub off’. I do have some organza already but with everything boxed up I’m not sure where it is.


The other trousers are these cut-offs from fatface, they are so comfortable but they are just a little bit too long so I have to wear them with the bottoms turned up. I have an off cut of denim that should be just the right length.


More soon….

Cross Stitch

After my trip to Olympia I decided I wanted to get my cross stitch out again, what actually happened is that I saw a couple of patterns at Olympia but couldn’t justify buying them as I hadn’t touched my cross stitch since before I have to have my shoulder operated on a few years ago.

I decided to go with the easiest cross stich I had started (out of at least half a dozen), which was a Lizzie Kate ‘sampler’ this particular sampler is made up out of 6 double flip living with charm charts, each chart has two words and a bit of decoration for each and a charm to be stitched on last..

I had already finished Dream/Love, remember/GIVE and was half way through Listen. I have now finished Listen/LEARN, and half way through Believe/CARE which means I have just started CARE.

I do counted cross stitch which means that the fabric doesn’t have printing on it, you use a separate chart to transfer the picture to the fabric.

I have been cross stitching on and off since school, the first picture I started was this, as usual I went for the overly complicated picture that took about 10 years to complete, I did finish a couple of easier/smaller pictures in that time.

The problem I have is that I don’t really have anywhere to hang them once they are finished, we appear to have filled up the house with Disney pictures and I have only a certain amount of wall space in my room, I suppose I could rotate them.

More soon….