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Dress update

Hi, you might remember the Butterick 7556 and Butterick 7240

I managed to get out in garden this weekend and take a few photos, I gave you the dressmakers dummy photos but here are some full length photos.

  Butterick 7556

The first two pictures look alright, the last two, I’m not sure if I’m standing but it looks like I have no waist.

Butterick 7240 


 here is a good look at the hip detail

  The dress could have done with an iron but I didn’t want to miss the moment, the tripod does make a great deal of difference to the photos but I do have to try and get rid of the total look of concentration on my face while trying to use my iphone to remotely operate the camera.



Butterick 7240

This is the ‘companion’ dress to Vogue 8781, they are only companions as the fact I’m making them together.

I also have this pattern, bought while I was in the phase of (what difference is there between a kimono sleeve dress and a set in sleeve dress) I still haven’t laid them side by side, but I’m sure I’ll get around to it sooner or later.
As I stated in my previous post I love this dress, it is totally impractical for wearing to work, especially with the office chairs on wheels, but if it gets hot enough I might just throw caution to the wind and wear it anyway.

This pattern is advertised on the packet as a long bodied dress, it has a front and back panel which runs the entire length of the dress, and you add two side skirt panels at hip height to give the skirt a lot of fullness over the hip. The back panel has a center zip.
Front imageimage
I have machined the two front pieces together and the both the back pieces, I have even put in the zip, (unfortunately that will have to come out, as it isn’t sitting right)

Each side skirt consists of two pieces, they are also stitched together, all are waiting for the iron….

as you can see by this picture the hip inserts are long enough to wrap round my body as is.


it has one of those collars that is part of the front bodice then wraps around to the back, leaving a small stand at the back and a flappy collar at the front, more photos on that as I make it