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Butterick 6079

butterick 6079

This is my favourite dress so far and I have made it three times, this is the second one I made, I decided to go the whole thing and put the buttons on, the first time I made it, I stitched up the front and put in a zip on the side.

The reason I didn’t put the buttons on the first one is that I couldn’t face the 20 button loops, 8 under the belt and 12 above it. I tried to get a close up on it unfortunately because the fabric is so dark it is hard to see the button loops.

dress 013

Of the many details on the dress I think that the buttons are my favourite, though they aren’t equal space even after spending an hour measuring the darned things.

dress 007

You have the gathers on the sleeves and the gathering on the side panels under the bust, I did have to take it in slightly across the bust but that was just taking a bit off up the side seams.

dress 009

Kimono Sleeves

I’m not sure about kimono sleeves, they are easy to stitch together but I always seem to have far too much fabric under my arm. The question is though, is it because I don’t have enough bust to take up some of the loose fabric? or less likely the fabric I am using is just not drapey enough.

For instance the dress I’m working on at the moment it’s a New York pattern no. 1478 it looks great on the envelope.

I even like 90% of it stitched up, the fabric is hideous it didn’t look that colour when I bought it but that’s the problem with buying on ebay, the other two pieces of fabric I bought at the same time were great. Back to the dress, the fit isn’t bad, I probably need to take about half an inch out of the length on the bodice, but that’s why I used the ugly fabric, but and this is a big but, if I were to go out in a strong wind in it I would probably take off with the amount of loose fabric under my arms

This isn’t a problem with just this dress, out of the five different dress patterns made with kimono sleeves only one of them didn’t have to have 2 inches out of the side seams on either side. I don’t know if this is a common problem, I haven’t been able to find anyone else complaining, maybe I should just get some extra padded bras to wear under these dresses or extra drapey fabric or I’ll just keep taking them in under the arm.
I am going to have to set up a better photo studio as the light in here is terrible.

Despite the fabric, I do like this dress, I like the pockets which don’t lay totally flat, I like the pocket flaps and I like the shape, I’m very proud of my first attempt at bound button holes, and thanks to Gertie’s guide to better sewing I now know what I’m supposed to do to the facing behind the button holes.


First Post

Being new to blogging I hope anyone who stumbles across this blog will bear with me while i find my feet and ramble about anything which crosses my mind. First up I must apologise for any blatant disregard for punctuation that i might have, get used to long sentences with lots of commas (not necessarily in the right place)

I am a serial crafter, in the last 10 years I have tried Bobbin Lace making (with varying degrees of success) Card making Crochet Knitting Cross Stitch Sewing Vintage Dresses Painting I also read (a lot)

This blog is an attempt by me to help organise my crafting and cut down on my spending, i figure if i am going to announce to the whole world what I’ve bought craft/book wise it will be easier to just say NO.

My present craft of choice is vintage dressmaking, I have been quite lucky, as in I am almost a standard 1950s shape and can make size 16 bust 34 with very few alterations. So expect to see photos of dresses, book reviews and general comments


I’m finding setting up a Blog a lot more complicated than I thought. deciding on themes, usernames and colour schemes the people whose Blogs I follow make it look so easy. I suppose you don’t think of all the decisions that go into the Blogs before they get to you they are just there.

For instance I wrote a what I thought was a post named it ‘First Post’ Published it does it show up as post? no it does not,  it shows up with its own little header and the blog keeps nagging me for a first post. I hope that by the time anyone starts to read this I will have corrected this and also have some posts of dressmaking projects with pictures and everything!!
looks like I sorted it out, I put it in as a new page not a new post, not sure what the difference is but I’m sure I’ll find out