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Update post November 24th

Hi, I’m back out of hospital and apparently we have a plan, well I have a plan at the moment, I have ideas for around four posts, the first of which is a medical post, feel free not to read it, which is what I would probably do in your position.

2. Is a review on the sewoverit Doris Dress

3. Will be a quilting post

4. Cross stitching post

You might also get a bonus iPad review depending on how it goes. I’ll probably post these over the next couple of days.

Itch to stitch

Last night was the turn of itch to stitch to have my money, I appear to have missed the sale, I had been looking at some of the patterns for a little while, we can just hope that left hand starts doing what it should do we have the Bonn shirt and dress, chai shirt and dress, mila shirt, Idyllwild top and dress and the Vienna Tank I had been eyeing up the chai dress and Idyllwild dress for sometime.

I am now researching into large format pdf printing, I have a couple of local places to contact.

Update post

Hi, there hasn’t been much stitching done though there is a Doris dress to show off, which I made for my Dads funeral.

I have been taken back into hospital this time I am in Queens Hospital Romford which is the place to be for brain surgery in the south east, I have had an awake craniotomy, which mean that although they take you into the theatre strap your head in, cut it open then bring you round, luckily the breathing tube was out before I come round properly, the surgeon appears to be happy with how i reacted in the surgery then they asked me some questions, because I was having trouble with my left hand, they didn’t get all of the tumour/cyst/lesion/mass. Hopefully there is a chance we get the results of what it is tuesday so that we can then be given a treatment plan, if we need radiotherapy, this can be done at Southend Hospital, my consultant is very nice, he sat down with us for about 45 mins on Tuesday before the operation on Wednesday, I went down for the operation 13:30 and was back in recovery by 17:50 because I was already awake in recovery I just had to wait for a bed to become available, they have shaved a tiny bit of my head from ear to ear they scar cannot get we wet wfor 7-10 days, which appears to be a magic set of numbers.

There what’s has not been a lot of pain mainly kept under control by paracetamol,  I am back on Dexamethasone but they are already weaning me off it, the swelling on the right side has already started to go down. My left foot has started to work properly but I am still having a problem with my left hand.