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Waiting for Neptune – Linda Ravenscroft

While going through the Heaven and Earth designs on Pintrest I realised I had bought a kit of one of the pictures, at one of the Olympia Cross Stitch shows I’m fairly sure, that much like the Scarlet Wizard, I saw it one year and bought it the following year.

As you can see it is one of those sort your own thread kits, as I am a DMC stitcher, it is cheaper for me to buy the full kit rather than the pattern and floss. Also unfortunately as with the Scarlet Wizard, it encourages you to buy, buy, buy. Both kits are now discontinued, looking at my stash, I have a few discontinued kits I also have a couple of Teresa Wentzler kits

The Fortunate Traveller and the Storyteller, I do have a lot of Teresa Wentzler patterns, I went through a phase of buying them, I do like me a good Dragon picture, but also a lot of them are now discontinued – not helping with the stash busting.

I did sell a couple of the larger Mirabilia patterns on eBay just before Christmas, I have a few of the Pixie Couture patterns

PoppyBluebelland I did buy Moon Flower, though that was before we had the results of the biopsy. This is my problem, I’m looking through my stash and thinking I could start this one next.

I have found two more started WIPs