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Lizzie Kate flipit charm cross stitch

hi, I do have a finish to share with you, I finally finished my cross stitch – Lizzie Kate double Flip, the last couple of words were quite inspirational. Create and Live! I must admit I wasn’t really struck on the LIVE! I wasn’t keen on the font or the underlining.

The last update on this project was 3rd July when I had just started CARE since then we have had encourage


Laugh and Create, this was taken a couple of days before I went into hospital


The next photo was taken about a week after getting out


 unforunately I havent taken a full finish photo of it, and I’m back in the hospital 😦 I will admit I am not overly gone on the ‘charms aspect of the pattern. I don’t know if any of you are interested in the fabric but it is overdyed, when I was at the cross stitching height  there were two overdyed fabric places that i dribbled over sugar maple fabrics and silkweaver, I think this is sugar maple fabrics in tropical it is probably 32 count. I have another peice this is a half size, cut down the middle and zigzagged.The previous picture is quite close to the actual colours, on my iPad. Expect more cross stitching less dressmaking.