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Biba Part three

This will be the last post on this I promise, I went back to the exhibition today and I took my proper camera I have taken some closeup shots of the clothes.


Biba seemed to like these bell sleeves with the long tight cuff, I would assume that the cuff would go some way to stop you dropping your sleeve in your soup.

This dress was also available in red, which I think I prefer, colourwise.img_4332

As you can see in these shots the shoulder and sleeves are very similar, gathers at the shoulder going into the Bell sleeve.

The yoke and gathers across the bustline give it a very soft look, I’m not sure that the sleeves really go.



This is a completely different look for sleeves we appear to be having a hi-lo moment, I’m not sure that they would stay out of dinner, it has a very nice soft draped neckline.


I love this wide drapey collar but not sure about the neckline it’s self


Look at the collar on this one the contrast white collar and dark blue is very striking.


I missed this little white collar the first time I looked at the dress, it wasn’t until I read the gold card attached to it that I saw it.


This has a funny right angled under arm bust dart, I know they were aimed at the mainly flat-chested but I’m not quite sure what this achieved.


I love this coat, with the princess seams on the back and the big collar, I’m pretty  sure that it would be unwearable in the winter, the sleeves don’t look wide enough to wear it over anything bulky and I’m not sure you could get it over the bell sleeves of the the first two dresses I showed you.


Biba was definitely all about the sleeves


look at these buttons aren’t they great?


I love the look of these cuffs, a lot of the 50s patterns have the contrasting collar and cuff but I haven’t got the nerve try it yet, maybe I can use this for inspiration.


I promise this will be the last post on Biba – for the time being.

next up will be my plans for the new year……..