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Butterick 6045


I’ve put the blue blouse together and it is hideous, it doesn’t look too bad on the Dress Form though it still doesn’t look much like the picture on the packet.

I really have to stay away from patterns that have extra fabric at the neck/bust line, I just don’t have the bustage for them.
Not only does this Blouse have the gathers at the neck line which means that the small collar doesn’t lay flat and there is a lot of fabric over the bust, it has open darts/pleats at the waist line which makes it very puffy, creating an excess of fabric under the bust.

There is a lot of fabric in the sleeves but I can live with them, and in fact they are probably the best thing about the Blouse.


In short it makes me look very blob like. To top it all I’m not sure that I like the colour very much.
I’m hoping that if I close the darts and change the neck line that it will be wearable, so watch this space, I have enough fabric so I could recut the front or the back but not both.

future projects

To get me in the mood for winter I have decided to make some skirts, but of course to go with the skirts I need to make some more blouses, so I have cut some out.


I thought I would use this fabric



I just couldn’t resist this pattern with this fabric 🙂


there was just enough fabric to do this top, the only problem was that I have do the collar pieces in two bits.

I have two skirts cut out:-

_1030733this fabric is going to be nice and warm.

I love this skirt pattern it is easy to make and versatile, this will be the third one of these skirts I made.
this fabric has a slight stretch to it so I’m not sure how it will sit.

Kittens three months on

The kittens are getting quite big now


all three of them about 4 weeks ago.


Fluffy playing with Missy, Fluffy is definitely getting accustomed to the kittens he has stopped running away from them and is now spending more time with us.


Rogue and Missy having a little cuddle.


Logan looking a bit miffed.