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vogue 8782


this is a vogue dress, I made it in a size smaller than usual, partly because the pattern I bought was a size smaller, but mostly because I have been finding that a lot of these dresses have been large around the bust area and it is easy enough to add two inches at the waist rather than do a small bust adjustment.


the sizing has come out quite well, apart from being a bit tight around the front of the arms, on the bright side it might just make me stand up straight and stop slouching.

IMG_3137 as you can see it has a pleat at the back and three at the front.

as you can see in the top photo it has some fancy detail instead of the normal darts, you stitch in the diamond shape first the fold it over to create the cut out.


Hi, sorry I haven’t been around for this week, I have been in the New Forrest, no internet access 😦

it has been very relaxing, we drove up there Monday Morning, a little cabin the in the woods, we weren’t able to stay in the cabin we booked they had a land slip, but the one they offered us was really great.


we had a walk round Salisbury Tuesday, and a trip to Fabricland, I came away with  a couple of lengths of skirt fabric and two lots of cotton for blouses

Wednesday was a quick trip to Southampton and a walk around the forest.


Thursday was a trip to Marwell Zoo.


more adventures in printing

You may or may not have seen the post about changing the size of a pattern using a printer/scanner, I have taken it one step further recreating missing pattern pieces.



Last year I bought two blouse patterns both Butterick and similar i hadn’t looked at them until yesterday when I discovered that one of the patterns only had the front and back included, no facing and no collar to be fair to the seller, they were cheap and it might have said the the whole pattern wasn’t there)

back to the post, I thought to myself well I can create the facing quite easily but the three collar pieces might cause me some problems, I might be able to use the bits from the other pattern but they aren’t quite the same shape and it could cause me problems in the long run.

I worked out the ratio between the pieces that I had and the diagram on the ‘how to put it together sheet’ then scanned the sheet at 1433% size


Using the preview button I scanned each piece seperately, then printed and cut them out, they aren’t perfect but the one piece I could check with any certainty (front facing) was pretty darned close.


now I have put the top together I am very pleased, it was too long, the bust darts were in the wrong place and it was far too bid across the chest. these problem have all been solved by taking an inch out of the length and moving the side bust dart up by the same amount.


close up of the collar

I like the pattern and i think it will look good with trousers and skirts. the only thing i’m not sure about is that because the shoulder seams are cut in so much you can see my bra straps.