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Disney, Florida

Well our Florida holiday started yesterday, 8 hours on a Virgin areoplane, we decided to go Premium Economy, very good decision and one I  would highly recommend. The main reason being the amount of extra leg room available, the meals served on china is a bonus and the constant bringing round of drinks is a plus as well but on a 9 hour flight the extra space priceless. to put it into context,  a Premium Economy row had four seats in two set of two, where economy had six seats per row. So not only did we have more leg room we had more space in general.

Getting our baggage out of the airport was a bit of a palava,  we picked them up off the first carousel, then they were taken off us again so they could be sent to the main building, where we then had to wait around another 20 mins for them to arrive.

we picked up the car and Simon then proceeded scare the shit out of me, when driving out the carpark, he drove in front of  a pillar as he was supposed to and i wasn’t expecting the car to be at that angle, ( I suppose to be fair I scared Simon with my yelp of fear)

45 minutes later we arrived in one peice at the Villa, which is very light and airy, it has four bedrooms, an open plan living space and a pool.

pictures to come later.