First Post

Being new to blogging I hope anyone who stumbles across this blog will bear with me while i find my feet and ramble about anything which crosses my mind. First up I must apologise for any blatant disregard for punctuation that i might have, get used to long sentences with lots of commas (not necessarily in the right place)

I am a serial crafter, in the last 10 years I have tried Bobbin Lace making (with varying degrees of success) Card making Crochet Knitting Cross Stitch Sewing Vintage Dresses Painting I also read (a lot)

This blog is an attempt by me to help organise my crafting and cut down on my spending, i figure if i am going to announce to the whole world what I’ve bought craft/book wise it will be easier to just say NO.

My present craft of choice is vintage dressmaking, I have been quite lucky, as in I am almost a standard 1950s shape and can make size 16 bust 34 with very few alterations. So expect to see photos of dresses, book reviews and general comments

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