2014 Book Challenge

I love books I love buying them and I love reading them and I especially like looking at them in shops new / second hand I don’t care, I used to like looking at them in the Library, but I don’t like the new library so I don’t go there anymore.
Since I went digital I don’t have to worry about shelf space, which in a way is a bonus in others not so much. I still hang around book shops mainly to get ideas and LOOK at the books. I still have shelves of books at home to LOOK at but I have to have a spread sheet to keep up with what I have bought. And scrolling through the book covers in Calibre isn’t quite the same as looking at them on the shelf.
Of course the other bonus is that my husband doesn’t know how much I spend on books (don’t get me wrong it’s my money and he doesn’t care what I spend it on, but if I already have X amount of books to read how can I justify buying even more books that I can’t even pick up and look at)
I’ve looked at my spread sheet and set myself a goal this year.
I want to read all the books I have left over from 2007, 2008 and 2009 which is 32 books there are another 16 books I have to read in conjunction with the 32 books, for example I have 2 Lindsey Davis books bought in 2009 but I also have 6 other Lindsey Davis books that come before the 2 bought in 2009 so I have to read them first. I like to read my series in order just in case there are any spoilers in the later books (I’m looking at you Elly Griffiths).

42 books will be easy for me to read in a year but I had already decided to also read one Robert Jordan (I read the first 4-5 Wheel of Time books when they first came out but got fed up waiting for the next one to come out) a month and one Georgette Heyer because I have 26 of those that I haven’t read in ebook form.

So far this year I have read from my challenge

Eye of the world – Robert Jordan
Arabella – Georgette Heyer
Seeing a large Cat – Elizabeth Peters 2009
The Ape that guards the balance – Elizabeth Peters 2009
Posiedens Gold – Lindsey Davis
The Last Act in Palmyra – Lindsey Davis
The Nanny – Melissa Nathan 2008
Beyond Heaving Bosoms: a smart Bitches guide to romance Novels – 2009

All the book covers will be in my Pintrest account.

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