Night out at the Cliffs Pavillion

Wednesday evening we went out for a change, we being me and Simon, went to the Cliffs Pavillion to see Brian May and Kerry Ellis.

It was a two hour set Simon was very happy as it has been a long held ambition of his to see Brian May play live.

Some songs were better than others as you usually get with a gig like this, mainly the original stuff was a bit off but the covers were good. We had some Beatles, an Everly brothers song and of course a couple of Queen songs.

They obviously care about animals and the environment, however if the set is only two hours long people don’t want a quarter of that taken up with the Badger Cull and Lion Killing, don’t get me wrong I care about Lions as much as the next person, Badgers I can take or leave, but in a gig that short pick one or the other not both, and stick it in the middle not slap you about the face with it straight off.

It was slow to start off, I’m not musically inclined so if you were expecting a list of songs you are going to be disappointed. After the first 20-30 mins it picked up and became an enjoyable evening.

I know I keep harping on about how short it was but I don’t think it need a costume change in the middle, unless of course they both had surprisingly small bladders, the poor pianist didn’t get to leave, in fact after Kerry’s costume change I think they did about two songs and the encore.


I know the picture is bad, the main problem was the big yellow screen it put the camera off.

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