Flubble a memorial

if you are not a big cat fan it is probably best that you skip this post.

Poor Kitty, after staying in at the vets over night to build her up for the anaesthetic so they could check what was causing her breathing/eating problems the Vet discovered she had a large tumour blocking her throat, we had already decided that if the results were bad it would be kinder to let her slip away rather than putting her through the stress of bringing her round only to take her back to the Vets later in the week to have her put to sleep.


only weeks old


with her brothers under the sofa


with mum Kushka and brothers


help I’m a long way up


relaxing on next doors shed with Mum


don’t look at me the camera adds 10lbs


the four musketeers Kushka, Flubble, Gismo and Ginge gone but not forgotten.


bags, boxes I love them all

2012-01-20 14.49.04

mother and son time, we like to be not quite together


Ginge looks huge in this photo I think he should go and find a bigger lap so I can have this one…



who says I don’t spend any time with the man of the house?


last photo

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