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it’s been a bit of time since my last post, I’ve had to hold off from typing, as I needed surgery on my shoulder, just a routine OP, but it meant that typing was awkward, when you are used to using two hands you get a little bit lost with one.

I’m going to cover two things here, we have new kittens, Simon is besotted with them and the camera mentioned in my previous post I sent back.

First thing the Kittens, they are beautiful, two girls and one boy, Fluffy, our remaining cat is still not sure about them, but did only get territorial with them when they tried to steal his roast chicken bits, 🙂

they are quite a bit bigger now, and ready to go to the vets for their second lot of jabs and micro chipping


I’m assuming I haven’t uploaded newer pictures of Rogue yet but don’t worry i’m sure there will be lots of them

Second thing the Olympus Camera, although as you could see by the previous post the photos taken outdoors were brilliant, they were clear and vibrant, very impressive for the size of camera. Indoors was a different story, the shutter speed was slow and the kittens blurry. I know that probably if I had spent more time with it and played with the settings I could have got round these issues, but the one issue that wouldn’t go away was I didn’t like the sound it made when it took the photo.

So I have exchanged it for a Panasonic Lumix GM1 it is very small, very light and takes very nice pictures.

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