Have you ever looked at a room and thought ‘I must tidy this up’ but then not know where to start? that is my craft room, I can’t find anything in it and it has too much STUFF in it, it doesn’t matter how I rearrange it there is still too much STUFF in it.

I want to make another blouse

I bought some very pretty cotton pique from ebay
but do you think that I can find my pattern, nope, all the other patterns are accounted for in the box where they should be but not the one that I want, I’m sure that my subconscious does it deliberately, I bet it knows where my pattern is and it’s laughing at me, while it’s whispering ‘you need more shirts make one of these (even though I know you don’t know where the pattern is)’, I have been through the box twice I have had everything out of it and it isn’t there. the other think that I can’t find is the copy I made of the Gabriola skirt pattern, I have the actual skirt pattern just not the copy, but I resent having to make another copy of it when I’ve already done that.

I hate that I can’t find anything and I hate that it depresses me and stops me from doing the things I want to do. I also know that it is my own fault and I should a) stop buying things b) use what I already have and c)get rid of the stuff that I’m never going to use.

all I can say is thank god for eBooks, it doesn’t matter how many I buy they don’t take up any more room.

If you have got this far, thanks for staying with my ramble and hopefully sewing will be resuming soon

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