Florida 2017 post seven

This will be the last Florida Post for this year as it covers Thursday and Friday.

Thursday – we had a slight hiccup, after leaving Dennys for the Magic Kingdom we discovered that Simon had forgotton to pick up his painkillers before leaving the Villa, as the first ride was just for me, Simon didn’t fancy riding Space Mountain, he dropped me off at The Magic Kingdom car park and went back to the Villa. It was very odd riding the tram, going through Security and riding the monorail by myself, also I had never bothered to memorise where everything was – I didn’t need to, Simon had it all under control. So I had to pick up a map, I knew the general area just not exactly where it was.

By the time I got over to Space Mountain, I had a text message from Simon saying he was just leaving the Villa, so by the time I had gone through Space Mountain and been on the ride, it wasn’t as bad a Simon thought it would be, for one thing it wasn’t totally in the dark and it didn’t jerk you around like Expedition Everest, Simon was on the Tram going to the ticket and transportation  hub. I looked round the gift shop and then started to make my way up to Main Street to meet Simon, but got waylaid at the the Castle, I realised that standing slightly back I could get some very good pictures of it, and as I was playing with my camera the Friendship faire started, and I got some really good photos of that and a small video.

Simon caught up with me at the Castle and we went on splash mountain and seven dwarves mine train.

Back to Red Lobster for dinner.

Friday we had an early start, we had our final fast passes started at 11:30 – 12:30 we needed to finish packing, drop our suitcases at early check in which is at Disney Springs get over to Dennys for breakfast then get in to The Magic Kingdom and over to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad before 12:30. We managed it with 5 minutes to spare, we got lucky at early check in, we arrived with a two family’s in front of us by the time we left there was about ten waiting.

After Big Thunder Mountain railroad we went on Splash Mountain, I think that the water level might have been a bit higher than normal as we got soaked…. there was also some sort of technical glitch as we were coming to the end of the ride the boats stoped and the lights came up, we were waiting a couple of minutes before it started again.

Our final ride of the holiday was Peter Pan’s Flight which for one reason or another we had not gone on this holiday, it was as magical as ever.

We had a Lobster Roll at the Habour house around 3pm and left the park at around 4:30pm getting to the carpark just before 5pm, after changing into our ‘flight’ clothes we drove to the airport handed the car back and got through security with plenty of time to spare.

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