Window shopping

Hi, I’m back in hospital, and looking for a bit of advice regards sewing machines,

I always buy singer, at the moment i have a quantum stylistic 9960
and a 9836c 

which is about 20 years old brilliant workhorse of a machine, in someways a lot better than the newer one, the clip on feet are a nightmare especially the zip foot, the 9960 doesn’t have the power for jeans making. The only time I strayed from Singer, I went to Toyota, now I love my little car, but the sewing machine was alway un threading its self. I also have a brother overlocker.

So is it time to branch out into Pfaff or benina or another make, or am I just trying retail therapy to make me feel better? 

Cover stitch machine yes or no? I am using a lot more stretch fabrics, what do you get with a cover stitch machine rather than overlocker.

Any helpful tips on other makes of sewing machines will be great fully received.

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