I’m two thirds through my Radiotherapy/chemotherapy 6 week treatment, I have been feeling better than I did before I started the treatment, I hadn’t experienced any of the side effects up until last week when my hair started coming out in handfuls, I expected it to start falling out slowly, not in what seems like one day, I think it has gone mainly from the top half of my scalp, I have to work out where the best place to put the new parting so I can have a major comb over 🙂 , I’m also starting to feel more tired, and I’m fairly sure that I am getting some brain swelling which is to also be expected. I feel better after the couple of days off from the radiotherapy, today I left the bench with a slight headache. I have had my weekly blood tests and they have all been fine. At this moment I’ve had 22 treatments 8 to go.

I have put on rather a lot of weight 1 1/2 stone half of which is the medication the other in eating too much, which can also be blamed on the medication which makes you extra hungry an it also forgets to tell you when you are full up, also it changes what you fancy eating, I usually go for savoury food and sour sweets, where as at the moment, it is cream, chocolate, biscuits and deserts, the fact that it is Christmas doesn’t help, we have lots of chocolate and cake about the house.

Both Simon and I are going to try to eat better this week I’m hoping some of the weight will come off, though obviously with the amount hair I’ve lost I expect to weigh a bit less. 🙂

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