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Oops where did December go?

Sorry, December seemed to have come and gone without a peep out of me, I’d like to say I was busy, but I can’t think of a single thing I did in December.

Wait a minute, I did make three skirts for my friend one straight one and two Maxi skirts, I don’t have any pictures so there isn’t a lot I can say about them,

The Maxi skirts I used a Lutterloh pattern in the end, I was going to make them from the Gabriola skirt pattern (sewaholic) but with the amount of alteration needed for the waist/ hip ratio I chickened out, so I used a pattern from my 1970s Lutterloh book and the equivalent of a FBA for the waist.

My friend is very happy with them and I can make as many as I want, I did have a problem finishing off the last one as my sewing machine decided it didn’t need correct tension or anything so I did the waist band by hand (it probably gave it a nicer finish anyway)

I did make a skirt for myself in a very nice multi coloured boucle this pattern



here is a photo of the detail on the waist band, which I am particularly proud of.

I hope to continue to do more consistent blogging this year, but we will have to wait and see

stripes and no instruction pockets

Remind me to stay away from stripes, I can’t match them and they irritate me. don’t get me wrong I like stripes as long as I don’t have to work out how to make them look right on the front of, say a skirt. exhibit one


to be honest now I’ve looked at it again, I think that the problem might not be my pattern matching so much as my stitching accuracy.

I cut out this pattern earlier in the week just before I discovered it had no instructions for how to put the pocked together, how hard can it be I asked my self you have a front skirt, pocket facing and a back.




so started with attaching the pocket facing to the skirt front.


then snipping clipping and overstitching


at which point I was in a bit of a quandary not realising that the pocket was supposed to gape slightly, (if I had realised this I definitely would not have gone for stripes) that was when I understood what these makes were for…


they were the pocket opening marks


you can just see one marked in yellow in the photo. once this was pinned in place it was quite easy to stitch round the pocket.


You would have got this post last week but the photos wouldn’t play the game

_1030764But you have a bonus close up of pocket and a sneak preview of the hideous blouse without the collar and neck gathering (which already makes it look better), the sleeves are pinned behind.