This is the first time I have used viscose, it is lovely and soft, it also has a very nice sheen. After reading up on it, I pre washed it just as well as it lost almost 12 inches over a four metre piece of fabric.

When cutting it out I decided to be a bit crafty, I needed to copy the pattern, and one of the suggestions on cutting rayon was to sandwich it between tracing paper, so I have a nice big roll of tracing paper, probably a bit thick for pattern copying, but that is what the craft shop had. So while cutting out the pattern I cut out the copy as well, bonus, I just have to copy all the markings onto my new pattern.



I haven’t started putting it together yet, as I am practicing the bound button holes, and have come to the conclusion that either I need to use fray check (which I’ve never used) or interface both sides of the button hole.

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