New York 1478 and viscose/rayon

I’m going to be making the short sleeved version with the square neckline, I find that I have a problem with the three quarter length sleeve as in they get caught at the elbow and then proceed to cut the circulation off to my hands, it freaks me out when they start going a funny colour and feel funny. 1478d

this will be the second time I have made this dress previous adventures with it can be found here this time I might actually decide I want to wear it.


I haven’t been brave enough to try the bound button holes yet but I can’t find my fray check and the test one frayed quite badly.

I have however discovered that viscose is a slippery little bugger, usually I don’t pin any thing and just hold it as I stitch, this time even though I was only sewing about 6 inches I used three pins and it still slid about a bit.

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