more adventures in printing

You may or may not have seen the post about changing the size of a pattern using a printer/scanner, I have taken it one step further recreating missing pattern pieces.



Last year I bought two blouse patterns both Butterick and similar i hadn’t looked at them until yesterday when I discovered that one of the patterns only had the front and back included, no facing and no collar to be fair to the seller, they were cheap and it might have said the the whole pattern wasn’t there)

back to the post, I thought to myself well I can create the facing quite easily but the three collar pieces might cause me some problems, I might be able to use the bits from the other pattern but they aren’t quite the same shape and it could cause me problems in the long run.

I worked out the ratio between the pieces that I had and the diagram on the ‘how to put it together sheet’ then scanned the sheet at 1433% size


Using the preview button I scanned each piece seperately, then printed and cut them out, they aren’t perfect but the one piece I could check with any certainty (front facing) was pretty darned close.


now I have put the top together I am very pleased, it was too long, the bust darts were in the wrong place and it was far too bid across the chest. these problem have all been solved by taking an inch out of the length and moving the side bust dart up by the same amount.


close up of the collar

I like the pattern and i think it will look good with trousers and skirts. the only thing i’m not sure about is that because the shoulder seams are cut in so much you can see my bra straps.

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