Gerties Shirtwaist Dress part 2.5


As you saw on the previous post we had planned to sew up the side seams before Denise and I met again (which would be next week)as I am notorious for leaving things to the last minute Last night I thought I would get a drop on it, it is a good thing I did…..

Here are some pictures of the dress sitting on my dress form

Back View

Back View

Side View

Side View

I stitched across the shoulder seams, but when I got to the side seams the pockets didn’t line up, well if i went from the bottom up the pockets lined up but there was about a two inch excess on one side of the bodice. I remembered that fact that my pleats didn’t add up and thought I had better check the front skirt and bodice patterns.
I checked and there was something wrong, not entirely my fault, but maybe if I had been paying attention it wouldn’t have happened. I traced the pattern 4-6-4 4 on the bust 6 waist and back to a 4 for the hips, if you look at these two photos, the markings for the size 6 on the skirt pattern are wrong, it is marked up with the size 8.



I’ve gone looking for dashes I’ve used the 12 line graded back to 4 (it was late, I was tired) so not only is is the piece too wide it is also too short.
Luckily I like my skirts long so I had already lengthened it by three inches when I cut it out, which means that I can still use my fabric, I just now have to shorten the back piece, and hope I like the length any way.

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