Monday, Downtown Disney

Yes, you can guess by the title we didn’t get to the Harry Potter experience today, we had early passes, for Harry Potter, which meant, apparently getting up at 5:30, I was up at 5:30, Simon not so much. Simon didn’t feel well, or up to doing an early morning, anyone who knows him, knows that he doesn’t do mornings at the best of time. 

We moved Harry to wednesday and had another lazy morning, and decided to go to Downtown Disney instead.

Dennys for breakfast, and then Downtown Disney, which is in the process of being upgraded to Disney Springs (or something similar) it had the added bonus of having free parking, not sure how long that will last after the upgrade.

Downtown Disney is basically a shopping center with a Disney influence.

It appears I didn’t take any photos so this is going to be a pretty short post.

We bought some ‘stuff’ Simon got a shaving kit and I bought some T-Shirts.

Tomorrow Discovery Cove and Swimming with Dolphins..

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