Sunday, Universal Studios

After doing a lot more walking than anticpated the day before, due to having to walk up to Thunder Mountain twice because of it being closed the first time, we had another quite morning.

In the Afternoon we went to Universal and had a walk around there.

Universal isn’t quite as slick an operation as Disney, which came as a bit of a surprise, you would have thought that being in the same place that they could have taken tips from Disney, they had one carpark ticket taker for two lanes in several places and instead of a first come first served, it was a right lane then left lane scenario, it would have been better to just close one lane.

The directions for the carpark which was a multi storey were also a bit sketchy, there were also no helpful little trams to pick you up and drop you off, but a 5 -15 minute walk from the car to the ticket gate depending on where you parked.

We saw Dr Seuss landing, which unsuprisingly looked just like the books.

We had lunch at Universal, we both had lobster rolls at Lombards Landing, looking across the water I thought that looks like the statue from the Simpsons, and it was.


Then there was the Back to the Future train and car.


Can’t remember what this exibit  is called.


  Every where you looked there were, larger than life super heroes and Super Villians


There are two parts to Universal, and I’m not sure if I haven’t got them mixed up.

There is a lot to see and I haven’t put any photos of Harry Potter in this post as we are going to do the Harry Potter Experience tomorrow 

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