Butterick 2535

Last year I picked up this pattern

I am going to make view C using the short option.

It seems as if even in the 60s/70s I was short…..

As you can see looking at these three pieces, there is a greater length difference between medium and tall to medium and short.

The difference in medium and short is 1 inch on the bodice and 2 inches on the skirt. Once I have put this dress together (with no alterations ) if it fits I will finally know how much I should take out of the bodice, but more importantly how much to take out of the skirt to make it closer to the length the designer envisioned. 

The dress went together very easily the eight waist darts brought the waist in nicely (unsurprisingly)

then the shoulder and side seams and the kick pleat at the back, I tried the basting option on my sewing machine for the first time, I won’t be using that again.  Usually I just make the stitch length as long as it will go. Basically with my sewing machine you put on the darning foot and pick the basting stitch which puts one stitch in at a time and is a blinking nuisance. I could have basted by hand faster and the stitch would have stayed in long enough to be useful.

I am very pleased with fit of the dress, I should have done a small bust adjustment and if I make this dress again I will probably do that.


I am very proud of the overall finish, I have over-locked the seams and the edge of the facings, as advised by the pattern I have used seam binding on the hem and the sleeves.


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