McCalls sewing

Hi, this week my friend handed me a sewing book, McCalls Sewing in colour copyrighted 1963, it is quite a large book, it also gives you a lot of handy hints and tips.

Considering that it is 50 odd years old, it isn’t in that bad condition, apart from the cover the pages are very good with very little foxing. 

It starts off with handy suggestions on making you look taller and or thinner.


And obviously there is the tips for outfit as you what you are planning to do.


It then goes on to explain how to make some alterations like slopping shoulders and wide hips

As well as all these hints it tells you how to make several collars.

There are also the how to darn a hole and buttons holes by hand


This book is quite interesting, and covers quite a lot of information, I feel that it would be very helpful on making some of my 1960 patterns.

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  1. I love the idea of putting on a suit to go to Debenhams but perhaps they were thinking of somewhere a bit posher – like Fortnum and Mason.
    I’m glad you’re making “gay, festive” clothes for travelling. 🙂
    Looks like a really useful book for all the technical aspects of alterations etc.
    Ann x

  2. I love those illustrations! Thanks for sharing!

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