Fares no 4 UFO no.2

I’ve finally finished my fourth pair of Birkin Flares, I cut this pair our the same time as the last pair which were finished and taken on holiday with me back in May.

There were no surprises in the making of theses, however there was a surprise when I put them on.

Considering they were cut out the same time as the last pair from the same fabric, they feel completely different. I’m not sure why, they feel softer and some what roomier.

I decided to go with the red top-stitching which I think looks really good, on this pair I decided to decorate the pocket which I have decided that I prefer.

As the previous pair seems to have shrunk some what, I decide to put a teeny tiny hem on them, I do like my trousers to practically drag along the floor. At the moment they are doing fine but I’m not sure how long they will stay long so the next pair that I make will probably be cut longer still.

Bye for now…..

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