Simplicity 8833 pt 2


hi, this should have been posted Sunday but had camera malfunction, i forgot to charge the spare battery oops.

I was so impressed with this, that I actually finished it, no, I hear you say that never happens 🙂

apart from adding the sleeves, I also added a couple of long fisheye darts to give the front a bit of shape, it totally changed the look of the dress from ‘meh sack’ to ‘ooh not quite sack’.

Here are some pictures of me wearing it, another rare sight…..


When I make it again, I think I will remove an inch from the back and front, I might have to add some of that back at the hips, but it is definitely too big across the top half.

Looking at these pictures I might need to increase the back waist shaping as well, the arm sync also needs raising, I run the risk of cutting myself in half with the shorts every time I lift my arms.

More soon

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