2017 sewing challenges

To be honest I don’t usually have the determination to stick to challenges which usually why I don’t officially take part. This year I think that I might need some inspiration and encouragement to complete my sewing.

As of today I want to try to complete #sewwhatyougot, it isn’t as if I’m going to be short on patterns or fabric :-

This is a challenge to Sew 8 outfits, use only fabric you already have in your stash, use only patterns you own now. do not repeat a pattern twice. I found this over at mermaidspurse.org.nz. one of these patterns will be the moneta dress, which will  enable me to enter the #monetaparty though at the moment I can’t decide whether to do sleeves or no sleeves.

With my own personal challenge at the beginning of each month I am going to announce four projects to be completed in that month, one will be a UFO, one project can be carried over to the next month if the project gets carried over more than two months I going to dump it.

we have already had January, February is going to be:-

Moneta Dress in this fabric


I bought it at Olympia last year, one of the stall employees had a dress on made in this fabric, which I was happy to see, because I had spotted this first and couldn’t decide whether if would look good as a dress.

I am also going to try the sew over it vintage shirt dress


I want to finish this skirt


it needs a zip and for me to decide how I’m going to finish the hem.

I haven’t chosen the fourth project it might be Hey Junes – Lane Raglan or I might have a go at this pattern


more soon

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  1. Good luck on your challenge! I can’t wait to see the finished products!

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