Challenge for March

The four challenges for March are:-

Number 1 A dress out of this fabric


I think it is going to be the same as this one


Number 2 make some fitting adjustment on this pattern


Number 3 is another dress  basic bodice and a box pleat circle skirt, similar to this one out of either img_4606

or this one


I’m not sure if the pink it too light for this but we will see.

I’m also in the middle of making a Plantain for Liz, but that isn’t part of my challenge for this month.


This post didn’t get published when it should have so here is the update

Numbers 1 and 2 got done but not finished in March due to the building work and training course, number 3 didn’t even get looked at. 😦 I did however finish Liz’s Plaintain T-shirt which she is very happy with.

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