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Day 4, Star Wars day

This is going to be a very photo heavy post….
Today it was absolutely chucking it down, but we were determined to get over to Hollywood Studios for Star Wars Day so there we were in our one use ponchos which although keep you dry do insist on sticking to your legs and/or riding up your skirt.

Hollywood Studios is in the middle of a lot of renewal, which meant that a lot of the stuff we liked walking around last year (streets of America ) and the backlot have been taken out and boarded off so that they can build Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land.

Although the show is supposed to be on every hour for some reason they don’t have a show at 3:30 which of course was the showing we would have been ready to see.

We went to the Star Wars Launch bay attraction which consists of videos where people involved in the Force Awakens talk about what it means to them to be part of the Star Wars experience. 

Then we went out side to see the show

Disney, Epcot

Today, (Friday) we decided to go to Epcot in the morning and do some rides in hollywood studios.

The main thing that stands out in Epcot is the topiary


This is just a selection of what they have, it just seems that if it is a disney character they have cut a plant into the shape of it.

They also had a water/fountain feature.


They have an area around the back that has various country setups, London, Paris, and so on. 


We then went back to Hollywood Studios to see the Indianna Jones Stunt spectacular, and movie history ride.

  Sorry it is a bit blurry, the Stunt Spectacular wasn’t exactly what we were expecting, there were the stunts which were amazing, what we weren’t expcting was all the ‘show’ crap that went with it, I suppose that it does make it more of a show but it did get in way of our enjoyment. As far as I can work out they were pretending that they were at the actual filming of raiders. The stunts the were done were the boulder scene from the beginning, then the kidnapping scene from the bazaar and the one at the areodrome where Indy fights the Large man while Marion is trapped in the plane.

The Great Movie Ride experience was also not what we expected, what it was, was a ride through lots of sound stages with set up of certain famous scenes, such as Gene Kelly swing round a lamp post from Singing in the Rain and the farewell scene from Casablanca. Some of the Animatronics were quite similar to the actual actor and others not so much. I don’t know what Simon was expecting, but I was expecting a more interative experience with video and more of a walk through the history of the movies, instead of just one dodgy movie set after another. 

We completed day three with takeaway Pizza.

Disney, Hollywood Studios

Last night we went to the Red Lobster for dinner and I had Lobster tail and half order of snow crab legs which were delicious, Simon had the Ultimate Feast which consisted of Lobster tail, snow crab legs and two types of shrimp. we did have a bit of drama, while cleaning the butter off my hands my wedding ring and engagement ring just popped off and fell on the floor. My Wedding ring I found immediately, my engagement ring not so much, the staff were very helpfull and took the bench seat apart to find it. 

Both rings are back on my hand, and if we go back to the Red Lobster my Rings are staying at home.

We started the day with brekfast at Dennys

Disney, Hollywood Studios….


Hollywood Studios was every thing we expected it to be, it was great to walk round, lots of things to see and take photos of.


Mickey, obviously was everywhere, but there were sections for StarWars, The Muppets and Indianna Jones, to mention a few.


At either end of one of the roads was a mock up of San Francisco at one end and New York at the other


‘Star wars’ shot for Denise

Epcot and a few rides tomorrow, (i might even catch up with my days, at the moment I’m one behind.