Disney, Hollywood Studios

Last night we went to the Red Lobster for dinner and I had Lobster tail and half order of snow crab legs which were delicious, Simon had the Ultimate Feast which consisted of Lobster tail, snow crab legs and two types of shrimp. we did have a bit of drama, while cleaning the butter off my hands my wedding ring and engagement ring just popped off and fell on the floor. My Wedding ring I found immediately, my engagement ring not so much, the staff were very helpfull and took the bench seat apart to find it. 

Both rings are back on my hand, and if we go back to the Red Lobster my Rings are staying at home.

We started the day with brekfast at Dennys

Disney, Hollywood Studios….


Hollywood Studios was every thing we expected it to be, it was great to walk round, lots of things to see and take photos of.


Mickey, obviously was everywhere, but there were sections for StarWars, The Muppets and Indianna Jones, to mention a few.


At either end of one of the roads was a mock up of San Francisco at one end and New York at the other


‘Star wars’ shot for Denise

Epcot and a few rides tomorrow, (i might even catch up with my days, at the moment I’m one behind. 

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