Walkaway dress

The walkaway dress is finished as far as I am going with it, I know I need to take about half and inch out of the bodice.

The first pictures were taken before I took the half inch out of the bodice.


The next show that maybe the dress wasn’t made for twirling

You can also see that my dress is having some interfacing problems, the only parts on the pattern that are interfaced was the neckline, looking at my prototype I also need to interface the front where the buttonholes go.

The only thing different on the second pictures is that I have taken half an inch out of the bodice, this should stop the wrinkling accords the back and help the front piece stay in place.


For strictly come dancing fans I like call this one my paso pose.


Obviously the bottom button is now in the wrong place but once that is is moved the top of the dress should lay flatter.

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  1. I love this version and it looks flattering on you. I wish they reproduced this one rather then the plain version they’re selling right now. Thank you too btw for demonstrating that the dress isn’t for twirling too.. I have read many blogs and reviews that say wind was making them a little indiscreet. I couldn’t figure out how it could be possible after seeing how much it wrapped around. I’m embarking on my walkaway dress journey soon and was trying to pick up tips and tricks from people who make it. Best wishes to you

    • Thank you for commenting on my blog. The dress definitely has to be worn over a slip, as the front piece has a tendency to walk up your legs.

      Denise and I will be attempting the more common walkaway dress probably in June, I wish you good luck and have you looked at the comments on http://www.edelweisspatterns.com/blog/?p=814

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