Butterick 6833

I’m going to try to do a slightly more in depth post on this dress.

Pattern envelope

Pattern envelope

If you look closely at the pattern you should just be able to make out the pattern detail on the shoulders and hip. I thought that the print might have been a bit mistake but from a distance it isn’t too bad. It is just as well it is so busy as I folded the fabric in half which meant that some of the pattern ended up upside down.

The first photo is the front pieces, you need to enforce the front with two sets of stitching round what will become the slash point which you can’t see on this photo, but what you can see is the placket which is used to reinforce what will become a seam.


You then slash up to the dot.


Fold the placket up, then put in the pleats


stitch the placket over the top of the pleats using topstitching, unfortunately the top stitching hasn’t come out well in this photo.

roughly the same process is copied for the front of the skirt.

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