Princess dresses, never too old?

As I was travelling to work this morning I saw a family walking into town, the two girls were wearing princess dresses, I’m assuming Frozen as that was the colour, the older (8ish) one had leggings on the younger (5ish) one had a longer coat on.

It lead me to thinking, at what age do we decide that it is too impractical to wear princess dresses all day long and is it this wish to look pretty and wear swishy skirts what lead most of us to the 1950s with the Dior New Look patterns?

Out of the dresses that I have made, I love the ones with the big skirts and the little details on the bodices but they are the ones that are worn less and when I do wear them it isn’t with net underskirts partly because I don’t own one, and every time I try to make one the cats appear to like eating and clawing at them, but mainly because although I spend most of my time sitting at a desk it isn’t the done thing to wear pretty, swishy dresses to work.

Of course growing up in the 70s Disney hadn’t worked out a way of marketing princess dresses en mass to the UK, if they had my sister and I would have had them, not real ones of course but my Mum and Aunts were all experienced dress makers (I had a fake EMU to prove it)and my Mother made a lot of our clothes. So maybe I’m making up for a lack of princess dresses in my formative years, I do know that I’m drawn to the patterns with the bigger skirts, but still feel slightly uncomfortable wearing for everyday.

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  1. I love that red dress and those shoes.

    I must have spent a lot of my pre-school years dressed up as a fairy, princess or bride, judging by the photos I’ve got of me. I also had a bus conductor’s hat and the ticket thing they wore round their necks. No – I didn’t do a hybrid fairy-bus conductress look!

    My friends and I loved dressing up – girls all seemed to have dressing up clothes in those days.

    I want to be a princess, too. Would they bat an eyelid in Starbucks if we turned up like that one day?

  2. wearawyatt

    I remeber been told NOT to dress up once by my mum (cant remember why) but i didnt listen..tripped over the long bellowing lengths of fabric and promptly broke my wrist!!! Ooooo cant remeber dressing uo much after that! So yes i too love to wear the swooshy bug skirts now and feel girly again

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