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Butterick 5920 pt2

by the time we started sewing this week, we had sewn all the bodice darts and were ready for the side and shoulder seams.


If you look  closely at the blue top it has an extra dart, it has a side bust dart, when we did the full bust adjustment for Denise’s top it was easier to add an extra dart rather than move it to the bottom as the bottom dart was already quite big.

Although we aren’t going to have the pockets on the top and put them on the skirt I thought that it might be a good idea to get some practice in for the knotches before putting on the front facing.

the last bit of the evening was the underarm seam.

the next week is going to be spent putting in the sleeves and starting on the skirt.

updates next week


Butterick 5920

Denise and I have decided on our next sewing project, Butterick 5920, it is a Retro Butterick pattern apparently from 1951.


we have spent the last couple of weeks on fitting the top half of Denise’s dress, which we have managed to do quite satisfactorily (well we hope anyway)


we have had a look round on the web at other peoples versions of the dress mainly because we weren’t convinced about the boob pockets, as Denise pointed out what would you keep in them and I’m not sure that you would be able to keep them as flat as shown on the front of the packet.

so we have decided to put them on the skirt instead as per this post

last week we go all the pattern pieces cut out, Denise is using a lovely Blue Cotton with white stars and dots, bought locally at Kayes Textiles.


I am using a Paisley print bought at Olympia knitting and stitching show last year


should have an update on this later in the week.