Vogue 9040

Vogue 9040

I was very bad at the weekend I started a new dress Vogue 9040, continuing my love of Pintucks this dress has four large pintucks down each side of the bodice, the front also has darts that are incorporated in to the pintucks.

If you look closely you can see the Pintucks

If you look closely you can see the Pintucks

I think this the first pattern I have put together that does actually look exactly like the drawing on the envelope.


I’m not sure what the fabric is, it was billed as a seersucker type fabric on ebay, which it isn’t. It has a grid like design on it and the flowers feel like they have been painted on with a rubberised tipex brush.

The dress went together quite easily but will always be known as the dress with ‘all those darts’ it has 8 panels and two outside darts in each, I was lucky to get the end without putting at least one dart on the inside instead of the outside, I think the fit is quite good.


I hope to find some nice buttons for it at Olympia on Friday.

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